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Judicial Training

Judicial Training: Justice Sector Capacity Building

War Crimes Studies Center

The War Crimes Studies Center is actively involved in creating and executing judicial training programs in International Humanitarian Law. Ongoing programs include training in the Indonesian Human Rights Courts, at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, and at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia. In Southeast Asia, the WCSC has conducted all training through its AIJI partnership with the East-West Center. All workshops have been planned and directed by David Cohen.

Our training programs are built around interactive seminars and workshops, which bring distinguished senior judges, prosecutors, and other experts from the ICTY, ICC, and ICTR together with their colleagues in these other courts. These intensive workshops focus upon jurisprudential and other issues of particular concern for the participating tribunals.

In Indonesia, our short justice sector training workshops for the Ad Hoc Human Rights Court in Jakarta provided a model for the development of a far more comprehensive, sustained five year human rights training program under the Supreme Court of Indonesia.

Click here for more information on the Ad Hoc Human Rights Court workshops

This program will encompass human rights training for judges, prosecutors, police, and human rights investigators who will be assigned to human rights cases ranging from crimes against humanity to human trafficking. Separate programs for specialized training for prosecutors at the Attorney General’s Office and for judges, prosecutors, military, police, and civil society in Papua are in their early stages. The programs emphasize long term capacity building through “training the trainers” and the development of sustainable relationships between international experts, domestic NGOs and justice sector institutions.

Since May 2006, the WCSC and EWC have organized 12 training workshops for Cambodian and international judges, prosecutors, investigating judges, and defense counsel working for the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.






judicial training

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