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Indictments and Judgments

Ad Hoc Court for East Timor, Jakarta, Indonesia

Indictments and Judgments from the Ad Hoc Court for East Timor, Jakarta, Indonesia
Adam Damiri Indictment Judgment
Eurico Guterres Indictment Judgment
Asep Kuswani Indictment Judgment
Endar Priyanto Indictment Judgment
Herman Sedyono et al. Indictment Judgment
Timbul Silaen Indictment Judgment
Abilio Jose Osorio Soares Indictment Judgment
Letkol Inf. Soedjarwo Indictment Judgment
Yayat Sudrajat Indictment Judgment
Tono Suratman Indictment Judgment

Nuer Musi English Translation of Judgment into English Currently Underway.



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